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Yugi is a master duelist with iconic cards who can defeat even the most powerful opponents through strategy and teamwork.
A TikToker who shares diving videos documented the moment they found a surprise while picking up trash in the ocean. Mermaid.kayleigh (@mermaid.kayleigh) filmed their efforts to pick up discarded
MINNEAPOLIS — Millions of Americans looked to the night sky and snapped magical photos and videos of the northern lights this weekend during the momentous geomagnetic storm.But cameras were also
British twin sisters Georgia and Melissa Laurie were enjoying a hot June day in Mexico on holiday three years ago, swimming in a river in Puerto Escondido, when Melissa spotted a crocodile in the
When you have an animal, it's only natural to become obsessed with that animal. Suddenly, you want everything you own to look just like them. Phone cases, mugs, bed sheets, and stuffed animals are
Last year's summer was the hottest in 2,000 years, ancient tree rings reveal.Researchers already knew that 2023 was one for the books, with average temperatures soaring past anything recorded since
MUSKEGON, MI - Muskegon held their prom “show-off” at Nelson Elementary School on Saturday, May 11. The Oscars-themed prom was later held at the Hilt Building in downtown Muskegon. Below are our 10
(The Hill) — A New York City dog named Luna received an award Thursday for killing rats. City Council Member Chi Ossé posted on the social platform X awarding Luna a City Council Citation for the
Ayn Technologies’ previous handheld, the Ayn Odin 2, is an excellent Android portable with great performance and control. It earned five out of five stars in our review and set itself up as one of
When Puka Nacua broke the single-season records for the most receiving yards and catches by a rookie, his mom was there on the sidelines in Santa Clara to celebrate with him. Nacua has spoken
NYCFC won on the road against the Philadelphia Union, but the star of the night was a crazy raccoon that was on the field for four minutes! In a huge road win for NYCFC, which has now positioned the
Think twice about being a weekend travel warrior, as experts say you can snag better prices and perks if you travel during the week.Although traveling over a weekend typically allows you to save
Because of pesky clouds, the D.C. area initially missed out on a rare and magical opportunity to the see the northern lights Friday night. But during the pre-dawn hours Saturday, between about 4
After a grueling 1.5 years spent renovating our condo by hand, my partner and I declared 2023 the year of travel. Over the course of the year, we took 13 trips with our toddler daughter — ranging in
IMAX introduces new, advanced cameras for filmmakers like Christopher Nolan, Jordan Peele to enhance cinematic experience.
When it comes to sidekicks in the DC Universe or comic books, there's no name more well-known than Robin. Part of the Dynamic Duo alongside Batman, he's defined the sidekick role since the
I joined the Marines in 2008 straight out of high school because, at the time, I realized that I maybe wasn't mature enough to be successful in college, and I didn't have the money either. I didn't
April showers might bring May flowers, but all rainstorms bring water pollution. It happens when rain soaks up pollutants from roads, agriculture, and buildings and then carries those toxins back
The American Red Cross Texas Gulf Coast Region hopes to hit the ground running Saturday to assess the damage in and around the Houston area following Thursday's deadly storm. In the meantime,

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