A rheumatoid arthritis drug can suppress the progression of type 1 diabetes, a world-first clinical trial has found.
Rishi Sunak was under fresh pressure over his Rwanda policy after his immigration minister resigned with a warning that new legislation to revive the strategy to stop small boats falls short.
A work by Rembrandt Van Rijn has sold for around £11 million at a London auction. Adoration Of The Kings is one of only a few times that a narrative painting by the Dutch artist has been sold in ...
Severe weather warnings have been issued across the UK as heavy rain is expected to continue falling on saturated ground. The Met Office has warned that journey times are likely to be made longer due ...
Police said a suspect was found dead on Wednesday as officers responded to an active gunman and reports of multiple victims at the University of Nevada in Las Vegas.
Multiple victims were taken to hospital on Wednesday after a gunman opened fire on the campus of the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. The sheriff said there was no further threat after police located ...
The Foreign Secretary urged allies not to tell Kyiv they should negotiate with the Russian President during a visit to Washington DC.
Three people have been killed and a fourth person critically wounded in an attack on the University of Nevada, Las Vegas campus, police said. The suspected shooter also was found dead.
The two dishes were the most popular in the supermarket’s Dine In Meal Deal over the past year during the cost-of-living crisis.
Resigning from Government, Robert Jenrick could cause further problems for Rishi Sunak over the already challenging issue of immigration.
Mexico City had a history of almost 500 years of bullfighting, but there had been no fights since the injunction.