Blasting a patch of patients’ stomach lining with thermal energy curbed hunger and cut pounds, researchers reported in a small pilot study to be presented at the annual Digestive Disease Week meeting ...
By 6 months old, young orangutans are experimenting with construction materials, and by 6 years old, they are building platforms 20 meters in the air.
Deciphering the messages that the heart sends to the brain could lead to new anxiety treatments and even unlock the secrets of consciousness.
A flurry of reports about the genetics of the bird flu currently infecting U.S. cattle are offering insight into how the virus has and continues to spread. Since it first emerged in late 2020, this ...
MaNana isn’t a real company. However, it’s possible with today’s generative AI technology to use data from a grandparent who has died to create an interactive deepfake bot. Researchers used a research ...
A worm preserved in 99-million-year-old amber resembles modern flatworms in shark intestines. The rare finding has scientists stumped.
By 2050, as many as an additional 246 million adults 69 and older could experience temperature extremes that exceed 37.5° Celsius.
Physicists haven’t yet ruled out the possibility that the universe has a complicated topology in which space loops back around on itself.
A volcanic eruption at Yellowstone is unlikely anytime soon, but evidence is growing that a violent hydrothermal, or steam, explosion is possible.
Both kinds of influenza viruses may break into cattle cells using receptors similar to those in people, wild birds and poultry.
In response to recordings of echolocating bats, tiger beetles emit noises that mimic toxic moths that bats avoid.
Identifying drugs to reduce the excessive expulsion of cells in the lung lining could reduce the damage of chronic asthma.